Mark G. La Mair             SCULPTOR




2012    DRURY UNIVERSITY,          “Parnell Classroom”,   Commemorative Commission        Springfield, MO

2011    ADAMS DAIRY LANDING, “Celebrate”,                Public Art Commission              Blue Springs, MO

2011    DRURY UNIVERSITY,          “Kellog Terrace”,       Commemorative Commission          Springfield, MO

2008    BOTANICAL CENTER,          “Persona I II III”,   Commemorative Commission           Des Moines, IA

2006    CITY OF IOWA CITY,                “Birds in Flight”,   Percent for Arts Commission               Iowa City, IA

2005    LIBERTY BANK,                         “Shimmering Lights, Shining Stars”, Commission           Springfield, MO

2003    LAKES ART CENTER,                “World”,        gift to the museum                               Spirit Lake, IA

2003    HAMRA Enterprises,                    “SJH Fountain”,       Commission                               Springfield, MO

2001    CITY OF EFFINGHAM,              “Zig Ball III” “Ribbon” (steel),     gift to the city             Effingham, IL

2001    CITY OF LAWRENCE,                  “Relay Race”,        Percent for Arts Commission            Lawrence, KS

1999    CITY OF COLUMBIA,                  “Leap In To”,        Percent for Arts Commission           Columbia, MO

1998    LAKES ART CENTER,                “We Can Fly”, “Z Tree IV”,    gift to the museum         Spirit Lake, IA

1997    GRANDVIEW COLLEGE,         “Hjemad”,   Sesquicentennial Celebration Commission   Des Moines, IA

1996    AMPC,                                           “Trees”,                                                                             Ames, IA

1994    DITTMER ARCH. ALU.,             “Men at Work”,         Commission                          Winter Springs, FL

1994    AMPC,                                           “Column”,                                                                         Ames, IA

1994    BRENTON BANKS,                     “Mask”,                                                                  Des Moines, IA

1993    HUNSAKER/FURMAN,              “Zig Ball”,                                                                        Ames, IA

1992    LMC INC.,                                     “Talking Heads”,       Commission                              Des Moines, IA

1990    KRAGIE/NEWELL,                     “Steeplechase”,            Commission                                 Des Moines, IA



2012    POWELL GARDENS, Fairy Houses & Forts, Site # 7                                                           Kingsville, MO

2011    CITY OF BLUE SPRINGS, Inspired Visions, Four Sculptors,                                                Blue Springs, MO

2010    DRISKILL GALLERY, SBU, Solo Exhibition, Passing Through Time & Space,                       Bolivar, MO

2010    CITY OF BLUE SPRINGS, Time and Place Exhibition, Four Sculptors,                           Blue Springs, MO

2008    HYDE GALLERY, 20 Year Retrospective Mark La Mair,                                                 Springfield, MO

2003    LAKES ART CENTER, Mark & Dana La Mair,                                                            Spirit Lake, IA

2000    SCULPTURE on the AVENUE, Year Long Exhibition,                                                    Effingham, IL

1999    KATIE GINGRASS GALLERY, Contemporary Sculpture,                                                Milwaukee, WI

1998    LAKES ART CENTER, Mark & Dana La Mair,                                                            Spirit Lake, IA

1996    PERCIVAL GALLERY, Mark La Mair/Judith Whipple,                                                 Des Moines, IA

1994    KANSAS SCULPTOR’S ASSOC., Eighth Annual Exhibition,                                            Lawrence, KS

1994    YOST GALLERY, Mark  La Mair/Kathy Seery,                                                                 Highland, KS

1993    PERCIVAL GALLERY, Mark La Mair/Dana Brown,                                                         Des Moines, IA

1992    PERCIVAL GALLERY, Mark La Mair/George Walker                                               Des Moines, IA

1991    WALNUT STREET GALLERY, Six Artists,                                                                Springfield, MO

1991    PERCIVAL GALLERY, Sculpture Show,                                                                         Des Moines, IA

1991    KATIE GINGRASS GALLERY, Sculpture /Photography,                                                 Milwaukee, WI

1990    SOUTH BEND ART CENTER, Midwestern Sculpture Exhibition,                                    South Bend, IN



2001    MA, Masters Degree /ARCHITECTURE,                                   University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

1984    BFA, Bachelor’s of Fine Art / SCULPTURE,                Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

1983    SUMMER RESIDENCY,                           Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME




Ann Arbor, MI., Boston, MA., Boca Raton, FL., Chicago, IL., Dallas, TX., Des Moines IA., Denver, CO.,  Detroit, MI., Ft. Lauderdale, FL., Miami Beach, FL., Miami, FL., Milwaukee, WI., Orlando, FL., Phoenix, AZ., Spirit Lake, IA., Springfield, MO., St. Louis, MO., Washington, DC., West Palm Beach, FL.



HYDE GALLERY,                                                                                                                 Springfield, MO

KATIE GINGRASS GALLERY,                                                                                             Milwaukee, WI



11458 No. State Hwy H          Pleasant Hope, MO 65725          (417)766-6544     


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